Friday, April 17, 2009

Most Comprehensive "FREE" Legitimate Work at Home Guide

If you are among the group of individuals that have found themselves without employment because of the present state of our economy, and you so desperately want to find something to help supplement your income until you find what you really need. Here is a little help. Below you will find a list of 10 companies hiring work at home employees. I will also try to list for you, companies that hire work at home employees and also offer "benefits". Yes, you heard it right. You have no commute, no dress code, independence and benefits. What more could you ask for?

Website: Job Title: Customer care professional
This forward-thinking company plans to hire 1,200 new employees in the first three months of 2009. "We look for people who are self-motivated, self-reliant problem solvers who have a strong work ethic," says Remi Killeen, Recruitment Manager at Alpine Access. Besides offering the flexibility to work from home, Alpine Access, a virtual call center, provides health-care benefits, 401K, flexible work schedules and opportunities to grow. Each worker is an actual company employee with regular work hours and assignments.

Website: www.hiremymom.comJob Titles: Virtual assistant, professional blogger is a Web-based job service designed especially for professional working mothers. Founder and President Lesley Spencer Pyle says the two most popular positions fills are professional blogger and virtual assistant. Bloggers write about their employer's company, products, or services, often in response to user inquiries or industry discussion. They use specific "keywords" in their responses to get favorable Web search engine rankings. A virtual assistant is a professional office administrative assistant who can work from anywhere.

3. Sylvan Online
Website: www.sylvan.comJob Title: On-line certified teacher
Do you have experience teaching but aren't interested in managing an entire classroom? Sylvan Online may work for you. It's a Web-based tutoring service that seeks certified teachers to tutor various subjects and levels. Job requirements include a current teaching certificate, a Windows-based PC and high-speed Internet access. Sylvan offers paid training on-line and opportunities range from 8 to 29 hours per week.

4. National Shopping Service
Website: www.nationalshoppingservice.comJob Title: Mystery shopper/researcher
Do you love to shop? Do you like to share your opinion? You can make money doing both. A mystery shopper earns perks or a paycheck for helping companies learn about their products and customer service. Paycheck amounts range from "$5.00 to $25.00 for a 15- to 60-minute engagement," says Matt Wozniak, president and CEO of National Shopping Service. "The vast majority of mystery shoppers do not mystery shop for a living, although we have had a few earning over $40,000 a year. It's a great way to pick up a free pizza on your way to get the kids from soccer or get some free gasoline."

5. oDesk Website: www.oDesk.comJob Title: Various professionals
If you have experience in software development, Web design, language translation and other computer-based careers, oDesk can help you get hired for work at home. Recently featured on "Good Morning America," oDesk lets job seekers apply for contract jobs, large and small. Job seekers search job listings which include the job requirements, pay and estimated time commitments. "Our business has three components -- hire, manage and
pay," says Gary Swart, CEO of oDesk. Plus, you don't have to submit invoices for your contract work, which saves time.

6. Working Solutions
Job Title: Transcriptionist, customer service representative
Are you a speedy and accurate typist? You might be interested in a contract position as a transcriptionist, someone who types down information from a recording, live reading, or conversation. Established in 1996, Working Solutions hires independent contract agents for various transcription and customer service assignments. You can earn up to $30 an hour if you have the right skill-set and experience.

7. Language Lab
Website: Job Title: Teacher, actor, customer service representative
The best way to learn a language is to go someplace where you can practice with native speakers. Why not travel via the World Wide Web? Using a computer and Internet connection, Language Lab lets at-home students visit "English Town," a virtual city where teachers help them learn English as a second language. Language Lab is looking to hire more English teachers. Shiv Rajendran, director of operations at Language Lab, says, "Teachers need to be native English speakers, Celta or Delta certified with five years of teaching experience." Celta and Delta certifications are not college degrees, but post-high school certifications. The company also plans to hire actors and part-time customer service reps.

8. 1-800-FLOWERS
Website: www.1800flowers.comJob Title: Customer service representative
If you have a phone headset, a way with people and, hopefully, a love of flowers, consider working for the long-established 1-800-FLOWERS. The company expects to hire temporary, full-time customer service representatives this year. It even promises competitive hourly rates plus a bonus at the end of the temporary assignment.

9. Aetna
Job Title: Account manager, negotiator, customer service representative, nurse and more From nurses to contract negotiators to account managers.
Aetna is a nationwide company with a variety of telework-friendly jobs to offer. Whether you are medically savvy or are simply good with people on the phone, you could find a position with this reputable company that offers benefits and a possibility of a bonus. Even better, Aetna has been ranked 48th by BusinessWeek in its 2008 "Best Places to Launch a Career."

10. Elance
Website: Job Title: Legal, Web design, engineering, admin, marketing or writing professional Elance creates a space where skilled professionals and would-be employers can bargain, haggle and place competitive bids for all sorts of projects. Elance works well for people who can provide video production, Web design, software engineering and other home-office-friendly services. If you have a computer-based skill, get yourself onto and let the opportunities start rolling in. Plus, Elance does its best to ensure that the employers on their site are trustworthy and pay on time. And, employers rate workers so, the better work you provide, the better your chance of getting more gigs.



Hires home-based customer service agents. (And I know personally that they do offer benefits to permanent employees who work at least 30 hours per week.)

Hires home-based call center agents. (Offers limited benefits, including 401(k) and group discount plan.)


Hires home-based customer service reps. (According to them "They offer some of the most generous benefits and incentive packages in their area".)


Hires home-based tutors and tech. support.

Hires home-based call center reps. (Offers a benefit package including health, life and disability).

NEW Corp.

Hires home-based custoemr service reps. (Offers "discounted insurance options for medical, dental, and prescription," and other benefits.)

Hires home-based customer service reps. (Health reimbursement program and 401k.)


Hires home-based "E-Hotline Agents."


HIres a variety of offsite employees. (also provides excellent benefits).

XAct TeleSolutions
Hires home-based customer service reps. (company offers a good benefits package)

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Bobbie Yvette Welch (Owner)
Omega Data
(Omega Data is not currently hiring. But, please do take advantage of the above listings).