Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why I called this Blog "My Perceived Reality"

If, it's one thing I've learned through higher education, is, "there is no reality, only perception". Yes it's true people, at least according to my professor. Everything is a perception. I personally say, "It is what it Is, No Matter, How it Look", so maybe I lean more toward the reality side. So, I don't know it's up to you, just like it was said in "Invictus" You are the Captain of your soul (that said you must make your own determinations about the truth) . I want to blog with you from my perspective about the economy, health and fitness, fashion and entertainment, spirituality & religion. Whatever, If it can be discussed, I'm all for it, as long as it's clean. On, occasion I will be discussing topics that are hot in the media, again, that's why it's called perceived reality. Everything is not always what it seems. I think my Grandmother used to say, "Believe, half of what you see, and none of what you hear", which supports my professors perceived reality theory, and she didn't even have to take advantage of higher education to understand that, hmmm! So, I choose that my first topic be about something everyone everywhere is talking about. The current state of obesity in the USA. But, I want to explore it from a different angle perhaps. I want to look at the link between spirtuality and health(weight loss). Perhaps achieving your ideal weight, not what the media or anyone else tabs as ideal for you. Remember, you are the captain or your soul. So, I hope you will take this journey with me as we begin to discover our individual realities. Check out my next blog about Weight Loss.