Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Work at Home Opportunity-Transcription Business

Still looking for a way to earn money online from your own home? Do you enjoy typing and and have been told you’re a whiz at it? You may be just the right person to consider learning the transcription business. General transcription services are needed by people who record audios. Podcasts, teleseminars or webinars are a few types of audios that might get transcribed. The documents are typed out by you, the transcriptionist, in a document for people who want to read it. Your transcription business won’t require a great deal of investment up front; just your computer, a quiet office, and some easily attainable transcribing equipment.

The items you’ll need for your transcription business include software and hardware to help you listen to the recorded material. A special computer program will help you manage the recording and you’ll need a headset to better hear the audio. You’ll find researching the different headsets and software online easy, and you will find a wide range of prices to meet your budget. Other than the tools, what does it take to become a transcriptionist?

Let’s see if you possess the skills to be a world-class transcriptionist. Of course, you’re an excellent typist, right? That’s skill number one. You have a good grasp of the English language. Great! You love to work without supervision, sometimes under strict time constraints, and you’re willing to sit for long periods of time to get the job done. Ready to learn what it takes to start your own transcription service? Read on!

Get Instruction in Transcription: Every professional needs to get the proper education, right? And there’s no question that you want to be a professional, skilled, and well respected transcriptionist. Check out the online programs. The resource mentioned at the end of this article can lead you find what it takes to join the ranks of professional transcriptionist.

Complete Business Plan: Your new business, like all successful businesses, will require a wonderfully conceived business plan. Let your business plan reflect your excitement and tell the world who you are. Begin with a straight-forward outline of the services you will offer, then your vision, your marketing plan, your financial plan, and your plans for growth. This not only helps you keep your focus, but your business plan will be an important tool to track your goals and your progress.

Home Office with Proper Equipment: You’ll most certainly need a quiet and comfortable home office with a good computer and some storage for your client information. You’ll be using some special transcription software and hardware to play and listen to the recorded material. The computer program will have many settings to help you control the recording. You’ll be able to start, stop, go back, and slow down the recorded material so you never get lost or behind in a document. Most importantly, you’ll want to use a highly sensitive headset so that the recording is clear and the words are easy to understand. These tools will be invaluable to your transcription business.

Marketing Your Business: Once you’ve organized your new transcription business, you’ll want to market yourself and your skills. You need clients to stay in business. If you are good at selling your talents, you might enjoy finding your own clients. Podcasters oftentimes have their shows transcribed, as do those who host regular teleseminars. It’s a polite and thoughtful thing to do to have audios transcribed for those who are hard of hearing. You’re offering a valuable service.

Website For Your Business: Besides your hard work, your new and growing transcription business depends on a great website. Use it to let the outside world know that you have openings and ready to work! You will be listing your services and letting clients know how to contact you. If website design is not your forte, please hire someone to develop a professional website for you. The investment is minimal when compared to the client reaction you will get from happy testimonials and other client referrals. Keep in mind that your website is your professional face, so please save your personal or cutesy web stuff for the a personal blog. Your satisfied clients will always be ready and willing to refer other clients your way if you make your website easy for them to use and respond to.

It’s good to know that one of the fastest growing jobs in the US is in the transcription service business. According to the US Department of Labor, statistics show that transcriptionist jobs are growing at a higher than average rate. If a little research and some hard work is a challenge you are ready to take on, a career as a transcriptionist may be exactly what you’re looking for. Is it time for you to dig in and create your own home-based business? Well, there’s no time like the present to find out!

Setting up a Transcriptionist Business is a fun and lucrative business to start with a minimum of money and equipment.