Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Elegance and Femininity"

Elegance and femininity a woman can possess with mini mini collection

Elegance and femininity a woman can possess with mini mini collection

The women’s wear label was founded in April 2010 by creative director Monika Gupta and its products are available to purchase online.

mini mini, a new fashion line, is pleased to unveil their Spring Summer 2011 line, a collection that is inspired by Parisian allure and elegance.

Monika Gupta may seem like an unlikely candidate to launch her own fashion line; after all, she grew up in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa, which is not often associated with fashion.

However, she was blessed with a mother who had attended Concordia for fashion. Monika’s mother taught her sewing and garment construction, and when Monika began designing her own clothes and wearing them to special events, friends and strangers alike raved about her designs.

“I can’t quite recall the exact moment I decided I wanted to pursue a business in fashion but I do remember doing endless research to understand the business and key role players involved in the industry. Inspired by the successes of labels such as Victoria Secret, I used to envision starting with a catalogue and expanding into other avenues.”

Eventually, she and her sisters went on to launch Kavi Kavi, a fashion label with an edgy, tailored look which garnered major media coverage across the globe. For a while, Monika poured her time and talents into this new venture, but she never abandoned her dream of launching her own women’s wear line.

Monika finally decided to pursue her original idea with the launch of mini mini line, a women’s wear range in Spring of 2010 with an online department store.

mini mini is a collection of unique feminine designs that is made with high quality fabrics and figure enhancing silhouettes. Those wishing to experience a world of glamour, elegance, and sophistication may visit the online department store.

"There's something about the Parisian life and style that draws me,” creative director Monika Gupta revealed. “The charm, the elegance, the sophistication, the quality and love of life, the beauty, the graceful way of dressing and carrying oneself you can find in women there… Its not one thing but all of these things that inspired me at once. You see this inspiration in the rich fabrics I chose, the silhouettes, the charm of the velvety and silky ribbons, the simplicity of the designs, all leading up to the gracefulness, elegance and femininity you can find in mini mini dresses."

The collection ranges from dresses made of luxurious fabrics such as French Chantilly laces, Crepe and Charmeuse silks, to beautiful silhouettes adorned with silky and velvety ribbons and trims.

Colors used this season are a mix of pastels such as light green, light peach and nude in the contemporary collection; contrasted by darker colors such as forest green, red, dark brown, and black in the exclusive high end collection.

“Grace and femininity as well are two of the most mesmerizing qualities a woman can possess. Dressing in a way that accentuates these qualities is quite powerful and this is what I am adamantly set to bring out in every mini mini consumer,” Monika says.