Tuesday, December 9, 2014

How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

People often use the excuse that it's to expensive to eat healthy, so they just resort to buying junk foods. Well, that's not true at all, and today I want to explore with you some ways that are fail-proof to eat healthy on a budget.

For me, my Number 1 Rule would be:


Don't get stuck in the middle aisles where you'll find most of the packaged and processed foods, and if you must shop those aisles, remember to search the highest and lowest shelves for the best deals, because most of the enticing and overpriced things are at eye level. So, how does one save when shopping the perimeter which mostly involves, Produce, Meat, Dairy, Bread, Etc. Don't be afraid to shop your clearance at your local grocer. Most grocers have Clearance for: Produce, Meats like Chicken & Beef, Seafood, Deli-meats, there are clearance bins for frozen foods, general store items and Bread & Bakery.

And if you can't find an item in the Clearance, by the sale. Read your flyers, where you'll typically find special deals on healthy items like yogurt, canned or frozen fruits and vegetables.

In terms of your fruits and vegetables, there is always the option to grow your own food. You can grow most fruits and vegetables in containers with minimal effort. It will save you a ton of money and it will also taste way better.

Number Two on my list has to be:


If you believe in getting your Eight glasses a day, and you just can bring yourself to drink tap water. Don't spend tons of money buying bottled water. You can save tons of money by buying a pitcher with a water filter, by brands such as: PUR, Brita, or Clear2O. 

Number Three on my list has to be:


Sign up for your groceries discount savings or loyalty card. Clip coupons for things that you need, not just something because it seems like a good deal. There are plenty of coupon sites you can go to online to print coupons like:,,,,, and And if you're more progressive you can use Apps that will help you save on groceries. 


At the top of my list for Apps that help you save on groceries is an App called 
  • Ziplist which will help you create lists, I can't think of a better way to plan. 
  • Farmstand-This is a great App that will help you with buying food that is in season locally.
  • Grocery IQ-matches items on a users grocery list with applicable coupons and works best for people who typically stick to the same list weekly, it's useable with Android and Smartphones.
  • Cellfire-Sends coupons directly to those loyalty cards we talked about earlier.
  • Favado-my favorite new App that allows you to search for specific items and it will find a store in your area that has the best prices, it can even send notifications when your favorite items go on sale.


Generic products are held to the same standards as name brand versions, the store-brand/generic versions are usually just as good, and less expensive.


At the very least make a grocery list before you go shopping, and you can use an App for that. If you're a little more organized, plan your weekly menu which is easy to do with the great Apps available. Planning will save you money on your grocery bill and prevent you from buying things you don't need.