Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How To Add Social Icons To You E-mail Signature


Every opportunity is a great one to market yourself, and another great way to do that is by adding Social Icons to your E-mail signature, because let’s face it; EVERYONE uses Social Media.

You can just Google “Social Icons” and be sure to choose the Free images that you can use even for commercial purposes, which will typically be listed on the site. You can either, download a set of icons, or, search the icons individually and save those icons to your e-mail signature.  The best size to use is 32x32.

2. Or Google by individual Social Icon, for example since I know I will definitely want to add my Facebook Fan page to my signature, I’ll need a Facebook Icon. 

I am listing the steps for Yahoo mail, but, they are similar for other service providers, such as Google G-mail as well.

You will want to go to:

1.     From the top of your screen choose Mail-you will get a drop down box.
2.     From the Drop down  Choose Preferences.

3.     Once you Choose Preferences you should get a pop-up box that looks like this

4.     Go over and Choose Signatures.
5.     You will see a (+) at the bottom left side to Add signature.
6.     Type the information that you want to appear in your signature, along with a picture of the icons you want to appear.

7.     Once you have the icon logo copied into the signature box. Highlight it, so that you can make it linkable.

8.     Go to the top of your screen and choose Edit, and you will get a drop down menu, from there choose; Link

9.     Once you choose Link, you should get a pop up, box, which will ask you for your Url. In the example I added my Facebook Fan page that I want the icon to link to. Click OK and be sure to do this for each icon. After linking the icons click OK and you’re done.