Friday, March 20, 2015

How 15 Companies That Send You Coupons Can Help You Live A Better Life

A National Survey has determined that only 1% of consumers use coupons, and the main reason given for not using them, is that, it is embarrassing; they have a fear that it somehow makes them look cheap or people will think that they are poor. Which is really strange, because most Millionaire’s find ways to cut cost, by looking at the big picture and understanding that all savings add up. It has been determined that consumers can save up to 5% on their weekly shopping trips just by using coupons, and my guess is; that there are plenty of places one could think of to re-allocate that 5% that they’ll be saving.

Another reason given that people typically don’t use coupons is because, they say; “I can never find coupons for the things that I really need”; which in turn causes them to spend more money, because now they are purchasing things they don’t really need, just because they have a coupon. Well, today I’m going to help you out, by giving you a list of 15 Companies, whose products are widely used by consumers who will send you coupons.

Using coupons is a great way to save money, and unless you can’t benefit from having extra money, there is really no good reason not to use them. The coupon mindset goes much further than just your grocery store savings and a few dollars, it should become a mindset that helps you to incorporate savings into just about everything that you purchase. So, if you still don’t think you have the time to get together coupons, think of it this way. If you save $75 for the hour you spend finding the right coupons, it’s almost like you just paid yourself $75 for an hour of your own time, and that definitely has to be worth it.


1. Bertolli

2. Chiquita

3. Dannon

4. Duncan Hines

5.  Folgers

6. Fresh Express

7.  Glad

8. Kraft

9. Lipton

10.  Mott's

11. Ore Ida

12.  Smuckers

13. Stonyfield

14. Tyson

15. Zatarain's