Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Sun has started to glow brightly and yet the fashion is about to change. During summer light colors with airy frock style tops are preferred mostly. The style comes primarily through the executive states of color, one chooses to put on. To wear off the scorching heat of the sun in a different way and enjoy the summer breeze in style, this summer, the very chic and eye-catching neon colors are back on the prints. Summer season is that one lonely season in which colorful prints can be worn, crazy splashes of color can be played on. Neon colors give a potent effect to the eyes, energizing the thoughts and emotions of the person and giving a refreshing feeling in hot weather. Neon colors are inclusive of the prime blue, red, green and yellow along with their several darker chime tones.>

This summer the fashion trend is much inspired by the colorful multi-tones of neon colors. Because of the ultimate fact that highlighted neon colors look beautiful when mixed and matched, bright pink, parrot green and bold orange are the three most blended colors of this year. Whether it’s about the clothes or the footwear or the accessories chosen to wear, all of them look exceptional with bright and bold neon colors.

Since the summer is humid, one thinks of a dozen times of what to wear and in which color. Neon colors inculcate energy in a dazzling way; moreover, they look great with almost every complexion. Don’t hesitate to fill the closet with chapels, leggings, extensions, nail polishes, accessories, pants, tops and dresses in trendy blazing neon colors.


COLORS: Electric Blue, Royal Blue, Bold Pink, Acid Green, Muted Neon

Try the sensational neon colors with a chic outfit on the body. Electric Blue, Royal Blue, Bold Pink, Acid Green, Muted Neon are the breathtaking neon colors induced in fashion this summer. They simply make the eyes pop out, staring the figure dressed in striking neon color. However, you have to be careful while choosing the fluorescent neon colors. Set up the closet in a way that there are bold neon color dresses paired with contrasting soft tones. To enjoy a refreshing look, add up some cheerfulness in sweating weather by trying out the latest trend of neon colors this summer.


COLORS: Electric Blue, Bright Yellow, Sensational Green, Bold Orange

This summer, the accessories are immersed in beaming deep colored neon tones. Even the hair accessories seem attractive in the bright colors. Bulky bracelets and necklaces are seen everywhere along with classy sunglasses in neon colors. With all of these, handbags are never too far away. Spooky clutches and ravishing hand bags are available this summer with auspicious bright yellow, neon green, bold orange and electric blue colors. All the females out there, must try the cool neon stuff for a chic and bold look out in the summer.


COLORS: Parrot Green, Bold Orange, Bold Pink, Blue Tones

The closet is incomplete without the spooky heels, comfy sneakers and royal belle shoes. Since the clothes and accessories are already doing extraordinarily well with neon colors, footwear this summer is also drenched in couple of glowing neon colors. The neon color heels are the most popular sensation of this summer amongst all ages of women. Get the closets dunked in multi neon colored footwear. What you wear on feet narrates the personality.

Try the most intense set of colors with the wearables this summer. These vivid neon colors are a must to have in your closet this summer.