Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Why Every Body is A Swimsuit Body

If an advertisement or TV commercial makes you feel inferior about your body, it's important to remember we live in an age of filters and photo shop and rarely do you see real body images. We live in a culture where, self-image and body image are inextricably entwined -- so it becomes extremely difficult to have healthy body confidence or feel good about yourself when you're comparing yourself to superficial images.

In spite of all of the messages that media sends that makes you develop a negative body image there is nothing that is more denigrating to an individual than what they tell themselves, so in order to develop a healthy self- image you need to start to appreciate your body and highlight the positives. Recognize that people come in different sizes and shapes and cherish your body's uniqueness.

According to Mod Cloth, Every Body is a Swimsuit Body and they have compiled a wonderful chart of the swim suit looks of the last century and the wonderful body types that go with them.

Feelin' Fierce One-Piece Swimsuit in Tangerine - Plus Size - $77.99

Embrace a new beach sport in this bright orange swimsuit from Monif C.! Featuring supportive side boning, flirty cutouts, and flattering ruching, this intriguing one piece is ready for sunbathing or a game of beach volleyball!

Where the Wind Bohos One-Piece Swimsuit - $99.99

Tiptoe to whichever shoreline or pool deck the sun inspires you to go in this Wildfox monokini! Given its free-spirited feel by a pink-and-purple bandana-inspired print, popover top, and tied back n sides, this bohemian bathing suit is bold and beautiful.

I Got You Bay Swimsuit Top - $37.99

Like your love for the sea, this peplum swimsuit top from Betsey Johnson fills your heart with joy! Splash through the lagoon in this jet-black swimwears strapless, bustier-inspired silhouette, and count the ways you adore its netted embellishments and hot pink trim!