Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Get Paid 72 Times A Day, Every 20 Minutes

How Can I profit from My Advertising Pays and get paid 72 times a Day?

 My Advertising Pays is Highly AddictiveMake Money 72 Times A Day

• Buy a Credit pack for $49.99

• Click a minimum of 10 ads per day

• Drive Free traffic to your business

• Receive daily residual commission

That’s it, period?

The cost of a single “Credit Pack” is $49.99 – it gives you hundreds of visitors to your offer or business opportunity. At the same time, these Credit Packs can also be an investment for your business since they pay you 1.5-2% daily (*when you click at least 10 ads daily), which turns out to be around $60 after 60 days.

Profit Sharing – To guarantee yourself a profit sharing commission, all you have to do is buy a credit pack and be sure to click on 10 ads daily you will continue to make a fluctuating amount depending on the number of sales MAPs makes on that day. Obviously you can buy as many credit packs as possible and the more you have the more you will earn from profit shares since each pack turns into $60 every 60 days.

If you view the 10 daily ads which only takes 3-5 minutes of your day, it will ensure a profit sharing commission.

Affiliate Commissions – Buying a credit pack also buys you traffic. You can earn affiliate commissions if you have an offer than converts and are sending this traffic to an opportunity or products. So you earn from a second time from the traffic that has already paid you.

Referral Commissions – For every person you refer to My Advertising Pays you will receive a 10% on every credit pack they purchase. The top income earners at maps earn 5K , 15K and even 20k a month with this business!

MAPs sounds-semi-great but am I too late?

According to the company’s latest reported stats, there is a staggering and highly-impressive unheard of 95% retention rate (5% attrition); which means that people who make a decision to invest in these My Advertising Pays Credit Packs are actually making money and sticking around (who wouldn’t).