Monday, October 12, 2015

Can Traffic Monsoon Help Build Your Business?

Traffic monsoon LLC was launched on 10/10/2014 and is a registered company owned by Charles Scovill. Traffic Monsoon is PTC + Traffic Exchange + Revenue Sharing site. It is one of the high paying PTC sites which is paying at the moment. Some people think it is a Ponzi site, but I do believe if it had been Ponzi then it would have been shutdown already by concerned authorities because it has been online for over a year.

There’s no costly monthly or yearly upgrade plans, in fact there’s no upgrade plans. All members are valued equally and have the same potential to earn. Although this site doesn’t have a forum, they do offer a support system that is very fast. You will usually get a reply within 12 hours regarding your queries. This is really good because a friendly supports system builds a trust between the site and it’s members. The site is currently paying on time and has no major issues except the annoying captcha log in service. At this present time traffic monsoon has no signs of being a scam.

There is no product to sell for the investment. One simply invests in Adpacks and those who invest money will get back advertisement credits instantly to advertise their website/referral links. So, that is the beauty of this site, you not only get to advertise your business venture or opportunity, but, you can earn profit share on the adpacks that you purchase. Traffic Monsoon is limited to just Adpacks that it’s members can earn back 10% profit, but it is also sells banner ads, credit ads, and cashlinks ads from which it is generating good profit and generating revenue. Once it generates revenue, it then shares that revenue with those who have invested in Adpacks. If they don’t generate revenue on a particular day, they will not share anything with their members for that particular day who are on sharing position. So, they are only sharing when they are earning.

So you can earn the following ways –

1. Watching PTC ads –

2. Referring

3. Surf websites and earn credits

4. Revenue Sharing

Traffic monsoon also has an amazing referral program and probably more profitable than sites similar to it. It gives 100% commission to it’s members. This is no ponzi scheme to attract people. This referral system is completely stable and profitable to advertisers, members and traffic monsoon itself. If you’re interested in joining Traffic Monsoon. CLICK HERE: Traffic Monsoon Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program