Thursday, October 15, 2015

URGENT!!! M.A.P.s =NO AMERICANS, Gurus Bailing

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My Advertising Pays has come to a decision that as of the end of October 2015, they will no longer be enrolling American Citizens into their program. United States Market Decline and Subsequent MAP Corporate Decision According to MAP Exec’s they have battled with the decision for some time. And after careful consideration and extensive consultation with their Legal Team, MAP Executives, Tax Advisors, Financial Advisors and European MAP Leaders, they have unfortunately decided to completely pull out of the American marketplace.

What Lead to the Decision?

According to MAP Exec’s there is a declining marketplace in the US for their company. And it simply isn’t profitable for them to remain engaged here. They stated that over 90% of their business already comes from Europe, although they are catering to the US members by operating in US currency. It doesn’t make good business sense to continue operating in a place and expending valuable resources in a market that’s steadily declining. They are going to focus on the place where they are wanted and are making huge strides. This is strictly a business decision that they’ve had to make based on the numbers.

What does this mean for American Citizens involved in MAP’s?

As of now, all current American members’ MAP profiles are read-only, meaning they can’t change their profile to another country. But, if you legitimately have citizenship in another country, can legally operate from it, and can prove it, you will need to contact their support department and provide this proof before they will change anything in your profile for you. Submit a support ticket with the subject line “Legal Change of Address” and include in the ticket your Legal ID from a country other than the US. All ID’s will be vetted to ensure legitimacy.

• Current US members can no longer purchase credit packs.

• If you are an American member, even though Profit-Share earnings are not guaranteed, your currently held credit packs will be paid off completely over an extended time-frame. The extension will be due to the loss in profit we will obviously have from the American market. They state that being ethical is very important, so they want to ensure that American members are still paid.

• The America profit-share system is now separated from the International profit-share system. The US-PS system will pay out profits according to advertising purchased by American participants. It is practically impossible for them to determine how long it’s going to take for all of your current credit packs to be completely fulfilled, but they suspect it will take around 6 months or longer. Please do not construe this as a promise by them as it completely depends on advertising sold to Americans.

• Any American member that has made a purchase through a payment processor within the last 30 days can ask for a 100% refund and they will process those for you, so there is no need to dispute the charge with your credit card issuing bank. Submit a support ticket with the subject line – “US Refund” and they will process them ASAP.

• Any American member with referrals will still earn referral commissions from those referrals purchases uninterrupted, according to your Membership Level.


They are offering a lump sum payout to anyone that has already earned more than they have paid to them. This offer extends to ONLY those that can pass the following test; Total your IPAYOUT+STP+VX purchases. If that number is LESS than the “Total Earned” number found on your My Credit Pack Stats page ( ), then you will qualify for a lump sum payment. Please do not count purchases made with your MyAcct. October 30th, 2015 will be the last day you can request a lump sum payment. After that date, your credit packs will earn until fulfilled.

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Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program